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DOT Inspections

Carroll-Wuertz Tire Company DOT Inspections

Carroll-Wuertz Tire Company is an official site for DOT inspections. The Department of Transportation requires commercial vehicles weighing over 10,001 lbs submit to an annual vehicle inspection by a certified inspector or state police officer. Our facility has the space and equipment necessary to perform these inspections in an easy and convenient way. If your truck is in need of inspection, schedule yours today!

DOT Inspection

Six-Levels of Inspection

There are six levels of a DOT inspection, each of which requires a different set of qualifications and procedures to undertake successfully.

  • Level I: North American Standard Inspection: This is a general inspection of the commercial vehicle, which includes an inspection of all relevant papers, such as drivers licenses, medical cards, inspection reports, etc and an inspection of the various facets of the vehicle, such as seat belts, the suspension system, cargo security, and much more.

  • Level II: Walk Around/Vehicle Inspection: This inspection is nearly identical to the Level I inspection, except in a Level II, the inspector is not required to go underneath the vehicle, and instead focuses their attention on the daily checklist of items the trucks driver is supposed to inspect before every haul.

  • Level III: Driver Only Inspection: The attention of the inspector is focused on the driver, and will review things such as their drivers license, medical card, driver's daily log, vehicle inspection report, and more.

  • Level IV: Special Inspection: This inspection is instigated by a report or claim against a suspected fault on the vehicle. The inspector only focuses their attention on a certain area of interest in order to ascertain what needs to be improved upon, or to clear the vehicle of any outstanding suspicions.

  • Level V: Vehicle Only Inspection: Once again, this inspection is almost identical to a Level I inspection, only this one is done without the driver being present.

  • Level VI: Enhanced NAS Inspection for Radioactive Shipments: This inspection is conducted when radioactive material is being shipped. The inspection looks for all of the same things as a Level I inspection, with the added emphasis on the radiological material and the conditions it will be traveling in.

Whatever inspection your vehicle requires, Carroll-Wuertz Tire Company is happy to help inspect your vehicle so that it is road legal and road ready for wherever you're headed next! Contact us to find out more about scheduling a DOT inspection for your vehicle. We serve Dayton, OH, Kettering, OH, Oakwood, OH, and surrounding areas for all your DOT inspection needs.

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