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Commercial Tires and Truck Maintenance

Commercial Tires in Dayton, OH

Maximize Fleet Performance with the Right Tires

When you purchase new commercial tires, you have an opportunity to improve fleet handling and fuel economy while cutting operation costs. Carroll-Wuertz Tire Company stocks the latest commercial tires from major brands, making it easy to get the exact tire you need in the size you need it.

Tire technology is always evolving, and our inventory is diverse to make shopping a quick and convenient process.

We serve Dayton, OH, Kettering, OH, Oakwood, OH, and surrounding areas.

Should I Switch Commercial Tires?

Thinking about switching commercial truck tire brands or to a different tire model?

The best tire for your fleet depends on several factors, including:

  • Overall Longevity
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Retread Capabilities
  • Manufacturer Warranties

You'll want to review your business needs and select tires with the features that best match your application. Our staff can assist you in your search. Call today to learn more about our commercial tire inventory and locate a cost-effective and quality choice for your fleet.

Truck Maintenance

On the road, your truck can get pretty messed up. Long hours and heavy loads can add up to quite a bit wear and tear. Luckily, Carroll-Wuertz Tire Company has the tools and expertise necessary to give your truck the care it needs to get it back on the road again. But we know you're busy and that the road is calling your name, so here are some tips to help your vehicle stay out of the shop and on the street!

  • Routine Maintenance: Carroll-Wuertz Tire Company offers DOT inspections, which are required by law in order to keep your truck on the road. However, routine inspections and maintenance can also be beneficial to preserving the life span of your truck. All sorts of things can go wrong with the various parts and pieces bumping along the way, so keeping a proper maintenance schedule may help you catch the problems in your truck before they cause major damage.

  • Before and After Checklists: Check your truck's insides before and after each trip. It's an easy and quick way to spot any abnormalities or issues that arise without needing to schedule a special shop appointment. If you track your vehicle's maintenance, you won't be thrown for a loop. Besides, even if something serious does arise, you will be more aware of the situation, which may aid repair work on your truck to your benefit.

  • Fluid Replacement: This may seem like a no brainier but always, always, always check your oils and coolants BEFORE any long haul trips. Proper liquid replacement can make the difference between a well-functioning vehicle and a tow truck heading your way.

Don't hesitate, call today to schedule your Truck Maintenance appointment with Carroll-Wuertz Tire Company. We offer services to the people of Dayton, OH, Kettering, OH, Oakwood, OH, and surrounding areas. Together, we can ensure that you stay on the road, and off its side,no matter how far the two of you roam!

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